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Son Needs More Coverage

Hello There!  I am intrigued by your illustration here and I thought all this time that Car Liability Insurance is only for damaged property. My son is the one driving our car and he is only 20. I am glad I saw this information so I can add a higher limit to his insurance. I have to call his insurance company and get a higher coverage. I understand now that there are 3 limits and it includes bodily injury. Wow! That is such a relief! My son usually goes to parties and sometimes has a couple of beers when he is out with friends and that worries me so much. I think I have learned more about his insurance now. I have talked to an agent earlier and I discovered he has very low coverage. I don’t think it is enough or him. He is too young and really isn’t that responsible yet. I would not want to end up paying or all his damages when the time comes.

He is also rather accident prone so I hope he will be a little bit more careful with his driving. He has 25/50/25 coverage now and I think I will increase it to 100 /50/100. I don’t mind spending a little bit more so I will be at peace when I sleep at night and he still isn’t home from partying.

I know I still treat him like a baby but he will be 21 years old next year and I hope he will learn more responsibility on the road. I know that if ever he will meet an accident, he will really be at fault. More often than not, he texts or calls while driving. His girlfriend doesn’t help also. She also is a party girl. I hope she will be a good influence and ask him not to text while driving or drive when a couple of beers have. It is better safe than sorry. Thanks for the very useful information guys!

car liability insurance infographic
Infographic by LiabilityInsurance.Org
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